Thursday, July 3, 2008

Camp Storia's Summer Serving Tray

Okay, I just have to show off my 4th of July themed craft project. I signed up to do Camp Storia's OLD GLORY SESSION which inspired me to try a few of the craft projects shown throughout the two week online session. The photo's and instructions for the crafts were fantastic (thank goodness as I am not very talented or knowledgeable in this). I love the 4th of July holiday and I looked forward to the new craft posting daily.

Here is my summer serving tray. Yes, I even learned what decoupage glue is and how to use it. To decorate my red painted tray, I primarily used vintage postcard pictures along with a couple of black and white copied photos. I haven't had a chance to try out my serving tray yet, but I am thinking maybe of vase of flowers and flags with glasses of lemonade would be nice.


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