Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Encourage Child Development With Dress-Up Play

One of my favorite things to sell on Ebay is children's dress-up clothes and Halloween costumes. I think the teacher in me comes out when I say that dress up clothes are a wonderful part of a child's social and emotional development. I try to fill my store with items that I am interested in and enjoy selling. I love being part of the process that allows children to role play their favorite movie character or super hero or take them off to an imaginative land of make believe fairytales.

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The Power of Imagination with Dress-up Play
As a former teacher and a mother of two young girls, I am always intrigued by the role of dress-up play in child development. Ask a child what they want to be when they grow up and they will not only tell you occupations such as doctors, pirates, princesses, and bus drivers, but they will usually find that special dress, outfit or hat needed to illustrate their chosen identity.

What are children learning by Imaginative Role-Play?
Encouraging imaginative play is the first step that we can take to encourage role-play that prepares for learning and preparation for the rest of their lives. Childhood role-play allows for children to learn about cooperation, taking turns and it encourages confidence and socialization. Research shows that children who engage in imaginative play are more creative thinkers who mature to better problem solvers. It can also improve vocabulary skills.

What can I do to Support my child's dramatic play?
When using the imagination, there is no limit to where we can go or to what we can become.
* Find or buy several big stuffed animals. Pull out your child's baby clothes and let them dress their stuffed animals in their old clothes.
* Put together a dress-up box for both genders. Old dance costumes and dance shoes are the best for girls. Add some feather boas, tutus, animal ears, leotards, crowns, ties and costume jewelry. Find some play cowboy hats, tool belts with plastic tools, or play doctor items.
* Buy new or used Halloween costumes that can be adapted to various dress-up options.
* Go camping! Pitch a tent indoors or make one out of blankets. Share the fun by reading a book, or having a snack in the tent with your child.
* Collect various Mr. Potato Head parts and keep in a tub so that your child can create various faces and characters.
* Connect play to stories from your child's favorite books.

You can encourage your children to play, make suggestions or even join in, but it won't be long before their imaginations run wild, taking them on a life journey of fun learning.

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