Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spooktacular Trail Evening at the Park

In Richland, the night before Halloween the park hosts a "Spooktacular Trail" evening at the park. It is a pumpkin carving contest and the carved Jack-O-Lanterns line the trail of the park. Wes and I had friends over for the evening for dinner and since the park is right out our backyard, we thought we would walk over with our kids and join in on the pumpkin carving festivities. Well, I should have looked into the details of the event a little more. After dinner we walked over to the park with our uncarved pumpkins as we assumed that we would carve them at the park. Wes noticed on the sign advertising the event that it said to bring your "carved" pumpkins for the contest. We could see in the pavillion that no one was carving pumpkins. So needless to say we quickly turned around and walked back to our yard carrying our pumpkins. Wes and Rick carved our pumpkins in about 5 minutes with their pocket knives. Okay, so maybe we didn't win the contest, but considering that pocket knives were used for our carvings, they turned out pretty good. Regardless of the pumpkin carving outcome, we had a great evening of nice weather and good company.
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Wes and Rick carving the pumpkins
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Rick, Cheryl, Emily & Cole with their Jack-O-LanternPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Wes, Jenny, Jaidyn, & Addy with their Jack-O-Lantern
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The Kiddo Crew

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