Sunday, November 4, 2007

Final Four! Vote For Haley!

My sister-in-law, Haley won the semi-final round of the week 4 contestants and is now part of the final four. I am so excited for her. Please help her win this contest and send some votes her way. This is her recent email.

~Thank you for you votes, I am in the final round!!! Please vote all you can until Nov 12 th at 5pm so I can win the Grand prize! Thank you so much! I could not do this without you!

Vote for Haley #188 at:
If the above web address does not work go to:
Click on "American Country Countdown Superstar"
Click watch video/vote

Make sure you select me by clicking the white dot before clicking vote or your vote will not count. You may vote as much as you like. Please keep passing this on to everyone you know.~

Haley, Best of Luck! We will be sending votes your way.

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