Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tis The Season

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Tis the Season!! It is defintely starting to look like Christmas in our house. Yes, I know it is really early, but I like to fully enjoy the holidays and it is so nice to have the decorations already up before December. Last night Wes, the girls and I put up the Christmas tree. Jaidyn loved every minute of it. She enjoyed me telling her about each of her ornaments and then hanging them on the tree. She put most of them on the lower center front of the tree, so when she wasn't looking I had to spread them out and rearrange some. Addy had her own way of helping. While Jaidyn put ornaments on the tree, Addy would follow her and take them off. That definitely didn't go over well with Jaidyn. :)

I have finished putting up about half of the decorations today and hope to finish the rest either late tonight or tomorrow.

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